Angry Jodi Arias jurors say holdout had ‘agenda’ Elections
Scott Walker aims to be more than just flavor of the month Movies
Neil Patrick Harris not keen to host Oscars again Nation
Not enough Spidey (fashion) sense in Guinness try
Monkeys at risk for bioterror bacteria put outdoors High School Sports
Murder allegation sidelines football player’s career, divides community Nation
Man burned by fajitas while praying can’t sue Applebee’s World
One year later, vanished Flight 370 still a mystery
Harrison Ford’s plane had engine failure before crash
Harrison Ford was injured Thursday afternoon when his vintage single-engine airplane crashed on a golf course shortly after taking off from Santa Monica Airport.1 of 20 See more video
Hear control tower audio as Delta jet skids off runway
Listen to air traffic control tower audio after a Delta skid off of a runway at New York City’s LaGuardia airport. For more traffic control audio, check out LiveATC.net2 of 20 See more video
Could Hillary ruin her own chances for the presidential nomination?
USA TODAY’s Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page talks about Hillary Clinton’s vulnerabilities as a candidate and her instincts as a pol.3 of 20 See more video
Texas police create hilarious parody of McConaughey Lincoln ads
A Texas police department spoofs Jim Carrey spoofing Matthew McConaughey for one of the best Lincoln Car ad parodies yet. Jen Markham (@jenmarkham) has the video. Video provided by Buzz604 of 20 See more video
Bus crash caught on video after driver falls asleep
A Detroit bus driver allegedly dozed off and awoke just before crashing into a row of vehicles. The accident investigation stretched approximately one-half mile long.5 of 20 See more video


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